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Venice - is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Venice has been featured in countless movies, television shows and music videos, and is truly unique amongst all other cities. Known as the 'City of Water', Venice seems to float in the Venetian Lagoon situated in the north-east of Italy. This is the city where fantasies become reality, where masked balls and outlandish costumes are a regular feature of everyday life, and where getting from A to B usually involves a gondola ride down the Grand Canal!

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An Introduction to Venice

Once one of the most powerful sea-faring empires in Europe, Venice is now known for it's incredible architecture, fantastic shopping, and delicious food. Always a wealthy city, Venice is positively overflowing with art and fashion. At no other time of the year is this more evident than during the world-famous Carnivale (usually held in the weeks leading up to Shrove Tuesday), when masquerade balls, feasts and performances fill the squares with decadently dressed party-goers. The masks that are often associated with Venice are worn during this festival, harking back to the period when the Black Death (the bubonic plague) stalked the streets of the city and residents were forced to wear masks to keep out the smell of decay.

Venice has seen some huge historical events unfold on its doorstep: the Crusades left from Venice, the city was threatened by the Catholic Church during the Reformation, and was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte (who traded the city with Austria in a treaty). Now, with global warming threatening the globe, Venice may be facing a new invasion - water. Venice suffers from what is known as 'acqua alta', or 'high water', which occurs when the tide is higher than the ground surface of Venice. Water bubbles up from the drains and overflows from the canals and causes flooding - but there's no need to be worried about the phenomenon, the Venetian locals are so used to it that they've engineered a series of temporary bridges that can be put in place if the water gets too high!

Venice weather and climate

Venice has a warm humid temperate climate with hot summers and no dry season. Winters are relatively cool and often rainy.

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